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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Welcome to the and blog. It has been a long. long time coming. I have always wanted to build a website to share my love for the African art from the townships where I grew up in Harare, but until now I could never quite settle for any website format until now. (I may still change it lol) My major problem was that I wanted to make the artworks accessible and affordable to everyone. It was not until now that I found a formula which I think works well for me and the artists I represent.

In this place on this site, I look forward to talking much about African art in general and the exciting African artists I have seen grow up, in particular. These young ( actually so young anymore) men and women have grown in front of my very own eyes from amateurs drawing stick figures to the serious (and some now world famous) excellent professional consummate artists they have become. I will be sharing with you some of their incredible artworks in the days ahead. Thank you for for visiting us at



This Mother and Child artwork is a reproduction of a watercolor on paper by Marko Kalanzi.

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