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African art is as dynamic as the diverse and unlimited African culture it emanates from. Be it ancient, traditional or contemporary; African art defies containment in neat labelled boxes, just as its people, wherever there are in the world, continue to evolve bringing fresh, uniquely African, cultural perspectives to the world. is a small humble expression of the larger world of African art. The idea and its foundation come from the African (black) townships of Harare which share much in common with other townships from Soweto, to Nairobi, to Dakar, and Lagos.  Typically,  resident-artists come from backgrounds where opportunities in life are limited. Art for them starts as an escape from the drudgery that come from lack of  resources to pursue formal education beyond whatever grade level the family resources permits. There are many who have picked up a pencil to draw or a crayon to try their hand at it but very few survive the journey from playing at it, to becoming a source of income for their families.

Two such victorious examples of creativity, resilience and talent from the African townships of Harare are Valentine "Picasso" Mutasa and Marko Kalanzi, their work which is the inspiration and foundation of this art location, speaks for itself.

These two young men are prolific artists who continue to defy the limitations of their environment and resources. The visions in their portraiture and abstract artworks are not limited to the streets they grew up in but tower and soar into the universe touching places where only the gifted spirits can reach.

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