Valentine Kumbirai "Picasso" Mutasa

Zimbabwe's Abstract Artist

"The story of my life, painting the hard parts."

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* Selected Artworks
1st Edition 40 pages
2nd Edition 76 pages

In The Book


Nicknamed "Picasso" by a visiting Frenchman in Harare, when he was a teenager selling his artworks in the streets of the capital of  Zimbabwe, Valentine is one of the most gifted artists anywhere. His preference and specialty is abstracting reality into shapes and expressions that challenge the imagination. In these two book of his artworks "Zimbabwe's Abstract Artist", the range of Valentine's talent is reflected in various art pieces from simple portraiture using mixed media to complex pointillism pieces that reflect the depth of his talent.  The two editions of his works presented here features similar introductions but with the first  edition featuring 25 pages of his artworks and the second edition featuring 50 pages of his artworks curated by Alf Muronda. 

The selected works presented in these two editions have been compiled from the artworks Valentine has produced since  2004 when Alf  and Valentine met in the streets of Harare